The Provincial Bank of Kwangtung Province 5 dollars 1918
Provincial Bank of Chihli 5 dollars 1920
Charhar Commercial Bank 5 yuan 1933
Yung Heng Provincial Bank of Kirin 10 YUAN 1926 SPECIMEN
The Shing Nih Chartered Bank, Ltd. 1 Dollar 1907
The Frontier Bank 100 Yuan 1925
Shanse Provincial Bank 山色省銀行 1 dollar 1919
Provincial Bank of Shensi 1 yuan 1931
Shantung Provincial Treasury 1 yuan 1926
  Provincial Bank of Shantung 100 yuan 1925 SPECIMEN


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* S855D-S857B Charhar Commercial Bank
* S863-S893 Chekiang Provincial Bank
* S863-S868 Chekiang Provincial Bank 浙江省銀行
* S871-S893 Chekiang Provincial Bank 浙江方銀行
* NL Tung Wai Bank
S895-S1081F Yung Heng Provincial Bank of Kirin
S1082A- Reconstruction Bank of Kiangsi
S1082A- Bank of Kiangsi
S1082A- Yu Ming Bank Of Kiangsi
S1191-S1205 Kiangsu Farmers Bank
S1247-S1290 Provincial Bank of Chihli
* S1247-S1290 Bank of Local Railway of Shansi & Suiyan
* S1303-S1315 Fengtien Industrial Bank
* S1316-S1325 Mukden Bank of Industrial Development
  S1355-S1380 Fengtien Public Exchange Bank
* S1395-S1433 Fukien Provincial Bank
* S1435-S1440 Fukien Bank
S1451-S1459 The Bank of Hainan 
S1521-S1627 Heilungkiang Kwang Sing Company / Kuang Hsin Syndicate of Heilungkiang
S1629-S1653 Amoor Government Bank
* S1655-S1658 Amoy Industrial Bank
S1661-S1706 Provincial Bank of Honan
S1708-S1735 Ho Pei Metropolitan Bank
S1708-S1735 Provincial Bank of Hopei
S1708-S1735 Bank of Hopei
* S1743-S1882 Subtreasury of Sinkiang
* S1743-S1882 Main Official Currency Bureau of Sinkiang
* S1743-S1882 Sinkiang Commercial and Industrial Bank
* S1743-S1882 Sinkiang Sub-prefecture Administration Finanse Departament Treasury
* S1743-S1882 Sinkiang Province
* S1743-S1882 Sinkiang Provincial Bank
* S1743-S1882 Treasury Dept. of Sinkiang
* S1743-S1882 Provincial Treasury of Sinkiang
* S1743-S1882 Sinkiang Finanse Departament Treasury
* S1891A-S1891C Monetary Bureau of Government Suchow
* S1892A-S1892 Hulunpeierh Official Currency Bureau
  S1895-S1930 Hunan Government Bank
  S1951-S1995 Hunan Provincial Bank & Hunan Bank
S2081-S2144 Hupeh Governement Cash Bank / Hupeh Provincial Bank
  NL The Shing Nih Chartered Bank, Ltd.
* S2145-S2153 Ili official Currency Bureau
S2155-S2236 Hsing Yen Bank of Jehol / Industrial Development Bank of Jehol
* S2251-S2285 The Caton Municipal Bank
  S2287-S2382 Provincial Bank of Kwangsi
  S2287-S2382 Kwangsi Bank
S2385-S2459 The Provincial Bank of Kwangtung Province
S2385-S2459 Kwangtung Provincial Bank
S2385-S2459 The GWA Swarmwun Yiack Bank
  S2460-S2484 Provincial Bank of Kweichow
  S2460-S2484 Bank of Kweichow
  S2509-S2518 Commercial Guarantee Bank of Chihli
  S2521-S2530 Pei Yang Tientsin Bank
* S2535-S2585 The Frontier Bank
S2624-S2680 Shanse Provincial Bank
S2624-S2680 Bank of Shanse
S2681-S2693 Provincial Bank of Shensi
* S2695-S2772 Shantung Commercial Bank
* S2695-S2772 Shantung Exchange Bureau
* S2695-S2772 Shantung Provincial Treasury
* S2695-S2772 Shantung Min Sheng Bank
* S2695-S2772 Provincial Bank of Shantung
* S2695-S2772 Bank of Shantung
* S2695-S2772 Shantung Private bank
  NL Industrial and Commercial Bank - Shantung
S2804-S2841 Szechuen Provincial Bank
S2804-S2841 Szechuan Official bank
S2804-S2841 Szechuen Province
S2854-S2895 Toong San Sang Government Bank
S2897-S2965 Bank of Manchuria ( )
S2854-S2965 Provincial Bank of the three Eastern Provinces
* S2988-S2995A Yu Sien Bank
* S2996-S3037 The New Fu-Tien Bank
* S2996-S3037 The Fu-Tien Bank
* S2996-S3037 Yunnan Official Currency Bureau
* S2996-S3037 The Yunnan Provincial Bank
* S2996-S3037 Banc of Territorial Developement of Yunnan
* S3039-S3046
  NL Yuan Tong Trust Company
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SH-1.6. Reg.-B. (-)
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