Bank of Kuantung 100 YUAN 1918


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S3050-S3057 Bank of Chang Chung
S3058-S3059 Bank of Eastern Chekiang
S3060-S3063 Bank of Kirin
S3063F-S3105 Bank of Chinan
S3108-S3134 Kiangsi Workers and Farmers Bank
S3135A-S3135T Bank of Kiangnan (NAU)
S3136-S3211 Bank of Shangsi, Chahhar and Hopei
S3215-S3229 Szechuan - Shansi Provincial Soviet Workers and Farmers Bank
S3228-S3229 Bank of Soviet Szechuan-Shensi Provincial Workers and Farmers
S3232-S3241 Chung Chou Farmers Bank Farmers of Chung Chou
S3243 Szechuan-Shensi Provincial and Farmers Bank
S3244-S3247 Chinese Soviet Republic National Bank
S3249 Worker and Peasants Bank
S3250-S3265 Chinese Soviet Republic National Bank
S3273-S3274 Hunan - West Hupei Special Branch
S3274-S3274 Chinese Soviet Republic Bank of Hunan-Kwangsi Province
S3276-S3288 Chinese Soviet Republic Government Bank
S3289-S3325 Farmers Bank of Northwest China (Shansi)
S3327-S3345 Hunan-Hupei-Kiangsi and Farmers Bank
S3349 Hunan-Hupei Soviet Bank
S3351-S3353 Provincial Treasury of Hupeh
S3355-S3418 Bank of Central China
S3418-S3419L Huainan Bank
S3421-S3423D Northwest Anhwei Special District Soviet Bank
S3424-S3428 Bank of Rehher Sheeng
S3433-S3440 Northeast Kiangsi Soviet Bank
S3441 Kiangsi, Hunan, Anhwei Soviet Workers and Farmers Bank
S3445-S3449 Bank of Kuantung
S3450-S3462 Bank of West Shantung
S3465-S3481 Fukien-Chekiang-Kiangsi Soviet Bank
S3482 Fukien-Kwantung-Kiangsi Border Area Bank
S3483-S3489 Southern Peoples Bank
S3494-S3506 Inner Mongolia Peoples Bank
S3507 Bank of Inner Mongolia
S3507J-S3507R Bank of Inner Chiang
S3508A-S3508J West Hupei Peasants Bank
S3508P-S3508Q North Hupeh Peasants Bank
S36 Bank of Bai Hai
S3725-S3770 Tung Pei Bank of China 
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